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What are the types of nasal shadow brushing? What's wrong with hair loss?

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There are many types of nasal shadow brushes, so what kind of species do you know? Do you know how they use them?
Nasal shadow brush brush head type:
       Among them, the more common brush types include flat head brushes, flame brushes, thin head brushes, diagonal brushes, etc. Different shapes of brush have different usage.
       1. Flat head brush. It is also called paving color brush. The brush head is flat and round, which can be used for large -scale color paving effects. The model of the coloring brush is large and small. You can choose the appropriate model makeup brush according to the location used.
       2. Slower brush. There is a very important brush when drawing nose shadows, which is a blooming brush. The flames of the scratch brush are the same shape. The hair is relatively soft. It can bloom the color of the nasal shadow, or it can also be used to bloom. There are also small models for blooming brushes.
       3. Fine head brush. The thin head brush is a relatively small nasal shadow brush, which is suitable for the details of the makeup. It can be used to draw the highlight position in the nasal shadow and eye shadow, and it can also be used to draw the heavy shadow parts in the eye shadow.
       4. Clane brush. The hair quality of the diagonal angle brush is relatively hard, and it is also a brush suitable for details, which is suitable for drawing some details and embellishment.
       What's wrong with the nasal shadow brushing hair:
       When the previous several times was cleaned, it was normal for the hair loss of makeup brushes, because the makeup brush was long and short, and the short hair and some floating hair could be dropped. After washing two or three times Will fall. But if it is always losing hair and the hair loss is very serious, it may be a quality problem. The quality of the selected makeup brush is not good; the other is that the use time is too long, and the makeup brush can be used for a long time, but if it is If you do n’t pay attention to maintenance, you may have hair loss after a period of time. At this time, it means that you should change the new makeup brush.