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Will my butt get bigger if I sit for a long time? What should I do?

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Will my butt get bigger if I sit for a long time? What should I do?
Female friends are most concerned about their body shape, and their buttocks also need special care. For women who work, sitting for a long time is unavoidable. So does sitting for a long time have an impact on the buttocks? Let’s take a look at the details below!
Why does your butt get bigger if you sit for a long time?
"Chinese women's waists and buttocks are very low, and when you look at them from the back, they look like they are sitting when they stand." When Zhang Ailing said this about the weaknesses of our bodies, beautiful buttocks became inevitable for everyone to pursue. I usually hear that sitting poorly will affect the back and body shape. Could it be that the buttocks will also be deformed because of this? In fact, people say that the buttocks will get bigger the more you sit. To be precise, it refers to the habit of sitting for a long time and lacking exercise, which leads to poor blood circulation, fat accumulation in the buttocks, and local muscle relaxation. Some girls sit slanted in chairs like cartilage, which concentrates pressure on the tail end of the spine, causing poor blood circulation and insufficient oxygen supply. Sitting only on the front third of the chair will cause the body weight to be concentrated on the small square of the buttocks, which will make the whole body tired over a long period of time.
Don’t think that only sitting for too long will be bad for your buttocks. Standing for too long will also cause difficulty in blood returning, insufficient oxygen supply to your buttocks, poor metabolism, and the terrifying phenomenon of varicose veins in your legs. Bad living habits are also related to the shape of the buttocks. Poor blood circulation, poor metabolism, and muscle relaxation will prevent you from having plump and round buttocks! Some people like to exercise, but when exercising, they wear thin, unsupportive triangle underwear. When they are young, they don’t notice anything wrong. But in old age, the pearly yellow buttocks will be aligned with the center of the earth due to loose elastic fiber tissue and insufficient support. .
What should office workers do if their buttocks get too big when they sit down?
1. Have a correct sitting posture
When sitting down, your waist should be straight, and it is best to place a lumbar support pad behind your back to lift your center of gravity upwards, so as not to put all the weight on your buttocks and abdomen, causing your buttocks to become enlarged.
2. Do hip lifting exercises every day
The fundamental solution to a beautiful buttocks is to get up and move frequently. Exercise the gluteus maximus to make it strong and concentrated, keep the butt fat from loosening, and make the joints more flexible!
Stand holding on to the back of the chair, with the toes of your left foot forward and the toes of your right foot pointing outward, so that your feet are at a 90-degree angle. Kick your legs backwards, 50 times each on the left and right legs, to tighten the fat on the back of the buttocks. The buttocks will become perky in one month, and the hip circumference will be reduced by more than 2cm.
3. Do hip shaping exercises
You can usually do butt shaping exercises 15 minutes before going to bed. It can not only strengthen the body's circulation, eliminate accumulated fat, but also achieve a sculpting effect.
Slim hip exercises ① The body should be in a kneeling position, and the hands should be placed on the ground with shoulder width apart. Move the left knee as far as possible toward the chest and pause for 5 seconds, then slowly lift it up (the upper and lower legs are at 90 degrees), pause for 5 seconds, then lower it, repeat 30 times, and then switch sides.
Slim hip exercises ②Lie on your back, bend your knees, put your hands on the ground naturally and shoulder width apart, contract your abdomen, clamp your buttocks, lift them up and inhale, pause for 5 seconds, then lower them and exhale, repeat 30 times.
Slim hip exercise ③ Overlap your hands and stretch forward to shoulder level (or hold on to the wall or the back of a chair). Stand straight with your right foot, move your left foot slightly backward, press your toes against the ground, and quickly move your left foot toward the ground. Then lift up in the air, pause for 5 seconds and then put it down. Repeat 30 times and then change feet.
Slim hip exercises ④ Lie on your back, straighten your hands and feet, slowly lift your feet together, and slowly lower them when they are at right angles to the ground. Stop 30 cm from the ground and stay still for 1 minute. Do not leave your back off the ground and do not bend your knees. , don’t exert force on your shoulders and arms.
4. Practice front and back squats regularly
You can also use elastic ropes or skipping ropes to assist with front and back step squats. After stepping on the rope, step forward and backward with both feet, and then squat down so that the thighs and calves of the front and rear feet are at 90 degrees.
5. You can be independent as a Golden Rooster in your spare time
Find a chair, hold the back of the chair, stand up straight with one foot, and stretch the other foot backwards in the air. After about 2 seconds, put it down again. The action can be repeated 10 to 15 times, and then switch feet and do it again.
6. Climb the stairs to and from work
Climbing the stairs is simple and saves money. However, since almost every office building has an elevator, and everyone is used to taking the elevator, how can they still want to climb the stairs. Climbing stairs has many benefits. It can burn calories, activate the thigh and buttock muscle groups, tighten the buttocks, and make the buttocks smaller and more beautiful.
7. Practice pushing the wall with your legs together
Put your legs together, support your hands on the wall, straighten your legs, stretch your hips outward for 10 seconds, and then move closer to the wall for 10 seconds. Repeat this. This will not only sculpt the hip curve, but also have the effect of tightening the abdomen. The lower abdomen will slowly Flatten.
8. Elastic rope standing squat
It is best to have an elastic rope or a skipping rope to assist you. If not, you can also do it with bare hands.
First, step on the elastic rope with your feet shoulder-width apart, then hold the rope with both hands and place it on your shoulders. Squat your hips down so that the thigh and calf are approximately 90 degrees. Maintain the static movement for 8 seconds, then stand up straight. . As for how many times you should do it, please adjust it according to your personal situation.
Eliminate sedentary buttocks
Squat on one leg
The body leans forward slightly, and the legs perform a squatting motion in front of and behind the legs. The upper and lower legs form a 90-degree angle. At the same time as you stand up, push your hind legs back as hard as you can. The arms are at a 45-degree angle with the body. Swing naturally until the hands are slightly clasped together. Repeat Swap around after 10 times.
horse squat
With your feet shoulder-width apart and your legs at about a 45-degree angle, raise your head and chest, push your hips back, squat to 90 degrees, and repeat the action 20 times.
Twist and squat
Turn your feet 45 degrees to the left, while keeping your upper body facing forward and upright, perform a squat movement with your arms upward, and perform a raise movement together, repeat the movement 10 times and change directions.
leg raising exercise
Support the ground with both hands, use one knee as the fulcrum, and try to keep the other leg straight and lift it up quickly, then slowly lower it, alternating left and right, and do 10 times for each leg.
Trembling leg press
Raise your arms to the sides, and perform leg pressing and shaking exercises with your legs in front and back, just a small amount, alternate between left and right legs, and hold for 1 minute.