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Q1: What kind of materilas for the your brushes?
Hair: we use synthetic nylon hair 100% crulty free .
But if customer requests animal hair, we could customize it as well.
Ferrule: aluminum
Handle: most of our brush are made of plastic, few wooden.
Q2: Are you manufacturer or trading company?
A2: We definitely makeup brush manufacturer specialized in innovated items with our own design team.
Q3: Does your factory have patent for the items supplied?
A3: Yes, we applied patents for those designed by our selves. They are unique and will not be found in the open market.
Q4: How Long your makeup brush lasts?
A4: Normally any half-decent brush should last at least a few years, while a high-quality brush could last up to a decade.
The longevity of makeup brushes depends on two things: the quality of product itself and user upkeep. With proper using especially after cleaning, put the hair bristle end downside in case the water dipping into the ferrule as a result, the glue will become invalid and finally shedding. The more a brush sheds, the shorter its lifespan will be. Lower-cost Brushes are often more prone to shedding because the bristles are not firmly rooted into the handle during manufacturing.Regular maintenance can help prolong the life of a makeup brush. Clean your makeup brushes at least semi-regularly (around once a month) not only for the sake of your skin, but also for the sake of the brush. Natural brushes are particularly prone to clumping when not cleaned often enough.
Q5: Can I have the brushes with my own logo? 
A5: Yes, we can make the products according to customer’s request based on materials, colors, and package as well as logo. Richful OEM/ODM experience , we could make products customized or private logo.
Q6: What is your minimum order quantity?
A6: We only request MOQ for private logo or customized orders. For buying in our standard product and package, we do not request MOQ.
Q7: What’s your factory’s advantage?
A7: We Rich experience of makeup brush production in OEM/ODM. Our main customers are some brands in Europe and North America. We have the most professional R&D team and we invest 30% of turnover into new product development; Quite reasonable price but high  quality and price ratio; Unique design with patents; Great production capacity for timely delivery .
Q8: How can I get a sample to check your quality?
A8: We will evaluate potential customer’s background and provide maximum 2 sets of sample to check our quality for possible customers, while customer will take shipping cost.
Q9: How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes?
A9: Here's how: 
Use a brush cleaner once a week and dip the brush in clean water,for a deeper clean, wash your brushes with shampoo. Add a drop of shampoo to a cup half full of warm water. Swirl the brushes around and then thoroughly rinse. Then let them dry flat on a towel because "if they dry upright, the water will drain into the metal casing and break down the glue causing bristle loss.
Q10: What is your product capability?
A10: 3000 kit per day normally. In busy time, we arrange 2 shifts or 3 shifts when necessary, therefore, production capability will double or trible of 3000 kit.
Q11: What is the leadtime ?
A11: For samples, we have stock. normally you could receive samples within 3~5days depending on which country you locates.
For mass order, 3 weeks if sample confirmed earlier.
For customized order, it will take more time like 4 weeks.