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Makeup Skills

What brushes do the complete set of makeup tools include?

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A full set of makeup tools include: makeup brush (complete set, containing lip brush, blush brush, eyebrow brush, eye shadow brush, etc.), mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, puff puff, sponge.
Sponge: Mainly used for foundation. There are generally circular, triangular and cylindrical (cone) shapes. The characteristics of circular sponges are slightly harder and large in area, suitable for a large area at the position of the forehead and cheeks. Use different shapes of sponge base to make the base makeup more detailed.
        Puff: It is mainly used for pink (powder, that is, makeup powder). Commonly used are round puff and honey painting. There are many distinctions between round puff. Large powder is suitable for large -scale use, and small puff is suitable for local makeup.
        Bluster brush: slightly smaller than the powder brush, there are two types: diagonal angle and flat, the top of the brush hair is semi -circular; the diagonal angle is suitable for modification of the T -shaped area and the cheekbones In the large area of ​​coloring and brushing excess powder.
        Eye brush: Most of the oblique brushes made of nylon or artificial fiber. Before the eyebrow trimming and thrush, the eyebrow brush can be tidy with the eyebrow brush. After the eyebrow brush, the eyebrow brush can be gently wiped out, which can make the eyebrows natural and neat eyebrows.
        Eye shadow brush: a flat -body round head brush, which is divided into large and medium and small. The large ones are generally used to apply foundation, which can be evenly coated with the color at a time to cover the entire eye socket position; It can be described carefully to draw the eyeliner more accurate. More suitable for powder eye shadow.
        Eyeliner: Udmeling to draw eyeliners can make the contour of the eyes more clear.
        Clevey brush: Some shapes are like a small comb, and some are similar to the brush head of mascara, which are spiral. After applying the mascara, use it to brush the mascara sticky together to make the eyelashes look more neat.
        Lip brush: The hair quality is hard, and it is easy to control the brush point. Whether you use lipstick or lip gloss, you can use your lip brush to help draw fine lines to modify your lip shape.