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Makeup Skills

8 tips for makeup light makeup, make the makeup feel fresh and vulgar, take lasting

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2023-02-13 Click:
Makeup can not only beautify the face and correct the defects of the skin and its facial features.
It is an indispensable way to beautify the face and add the role of beauty.
Some people like heavy makeup, and some people prefer light wipes.
Compared with heavy makeup, light makeup can show women's advanced and elegance.
A delicate light makeup, usually: clean, elegant, fresh and refined.
The highest state of light makeup is:
It looks like no makeup.
The most popular nude makeup in our current is actually another realm of light makeup.
So how can we draw high -level and elegant light makeup?
Today, I will share with you 7 light makeup tips.
Lets come look.
1 base makeup is important
The base makeup should not be too moisturized, otherwise the makeup time will be short.
Oil -based skin uses water -controlled water and dairy products as much as possible.
Dry skin avoids high -moisturizing cream moisturizing products.
It is best to use lotion. If the skin is too dry, you need to use the essence, and it is best to choose a refreshing essence.
2 Before the foundation foundation, put it up before
Before applying the foundation to the foundation cream, you can not only isolate the damage to the skin for subsequent makeup.
In addition, it can strengthen the base of the foundation, greatly reduce the phenomenon of floating powder, and improve the lasting effect of the foundation.
3 powder foundation+essence
When the foundation on the dry skin can be dripped into 1 or 2 drops of essence, and then the face is mixed.
Yang Mi's cream muscle makeup effect
Not only can make makeup more natural and lasting.
And it can also make the skin tone with a sense of grinding skin, which can create a sense of vision of cream muscle!
4 The color number of the foundation as the neck color
When most candidates, they are trying on the back of the hand, which is incorrect.
The correct way to open should try color on the chin or neck side.
If the foundation is the same or similar to the color of the neck.
It can effectively avoid the color difference between the face and neck after applying makeup, which will make it difficult for people to find that you apply powder.
5 stacking foundation foundation
The foundation should be thinner, a small amount, and overlapping multiple times.
Don't apply a lot at a time like a fans.
But it is best not to exceed two layers to create a thin and translucent natural makeup.
6 Eyebrows The head is light tail
When the eyebrows are eyebrows, the eyebrows should be shallow and the eyebrows are deep, so that they are more natural and more "native".
7 first blush and then loose powder
First blush, then loose powder, can make the makeup effect more lasting.
At the same time, it can make the skin show the transparent health texture and instantly enhance the complexion.
8 Blow mascara with a hair dryer
After applying the mascara, use a special eyelashes hair dryer to dry it.
Then use the clean eyelashes (comb) to go up the eyelashes from the root.
This can not only avoid the embarrassment of "fly legs", but also make the eyelashes look dense and natural, and you can't see the mascara at all.
Women who can make up are Shi Shi after makeup.
Women who do not make up are the aunt after makeup.
The above 8 light makeup tips can help you be more beautiful and delicate!