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Makeup Skills

The type and usage of makeup brushes draw a perfect makeup

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Many eyebrows who like makeup will definitely not lack a few brushes that are careless and smooth, right? Make sure that this small tool will make you who do n’t know how to make up to become a beauty artist at an instant. Having a set of makeup brushes means that the effect of makeup in the past few years is good or bad. Today I will introduce the basic classification and usage of makeup brushes.
1. Found brush
The main purpose of the foundation brush is to use the foundation of the foundation, because the foundation of the foundation brush will be more transparent. Whether using fingers or powder puff, the foundation of the foundation is inevitably contaminated on the fingers. This is the main reason for some people to switch to the foundation brush. Especially girls with long nails, liquid foundation is easily left in the nail seam when applying makeup, and it feels very embarrassed. There is no such trouble for brushing with foundation. When brushing makeup with foundation, remember to feel like a small "X" on your face, and light up the liquid foundation back and forth. This can avoid leaving a brush marks.
2. concealer brush
This brush is used to apply frost products to where the concealer is needed, such as spots, acne marks, or now. Many makeup artists like to use concealer brush to perfect makeup, which is a great basic brush for your makeup box, because it can help you create a lot of details. Moreover, its shape is also very powerful.
3. Sanda brush
San brush is a kind of makeup tool. Use it to dip it in loose powder and brush it on the face with foundation, which is softer and more natural than the puff. The advantage of setting makeup with loose powder is that the makeup effect is thin, so that the effect of the makeup surface is naturally unpretentious, and it saves the amount of loose powder. When using the loose powder, you can lightly dip the loose powder gently, filter the excess floating powder, and set makeup on your face gently. Finally, brush the excess dispersed powder from the top to the next one.
4. Blush Brush
The blush brush refers to a flat brush that is slightly smaller than the flour brush, and the top of the brush hair is arranged in semicircular. A good blush brush can make the rouge sweep easily and naturally. Dip the brush with blush powder, light off the excess powder dandruff and put on makeup, the color is not enough to add it slowly. It can be used as a brush or loose powder.
5. Eye Shadow Brush
Eye shadow brushes can fully blend the eyeliner, the eye shadow around the eye and the eyebrows, and the layering of color. The amount of hair is moderate, and it is easy to control the amount of powder makeup. The long -handle design has an excellent sense of stability, which can easily show delicate lines, so that the colors will spread naturally. It can also be used to shape the shadow of the nose. When choosing, you should choose a soft and fluffy one, and it can be easily expanded when it swept across the eyes. Its size should be able to cover a quarter of your eyelids, but at the same time, double can make you freely control and sweep out beautiful and appropriate eye shadow.
6. Clane eye shadow brush
The oblique eye shadow brush can outline the eye socket well. It is very suitable for the folding of the eye and the color of the corner V. It is indispensable to create a bright and moving eyebrow -angle eye shadow brush.
7. Lip Brush
Make -up tool for coating lipstick. The outline of the lip line can be clear and the lipstick is uniform. The selection of lip brush should be hard in the hair rail and moderate capacity. When choosing a lip brush, you should choose from the bristles. Press the front end of the bristles with double fingers. If it is full and elastic, it is a good lip brush. When applying lipstick, you must start with the lower lip. In the painted lip line, apply it a little bit from the inside. After applying the lower lip, apply the upper lip according to the same way. When applying lip gloss with a lip brush, do not be too strong. Do not let the brush hair be bent too much, so as not to fall off.