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Beauty appreciation

How long does a manicure in a nail salon last? How to make your nails look good?

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How long do manicures in nail salons last?
Generally, it can last about a month. Because nails grow faster, new manicures will need to be done when new nails grow out. However, frequent manicures will also cause damage to the nails, so it is best not to do manicures frequently.
How to Manicure Beautiful Manicure
1. Just like taking care of your hair, before manicuring your nails, you must first cut them to the desired length with nail clippers, clean your nails by the way, and remove the dirt in the gaps between your nails.
2. After cleaning, use a sanding stick to further shape your nails into the shape you like, such as square or slightly round.
3. After the shape is repaired, because the nails are relatively rough, use a polishing board to polish the surface of the nails. First use the rough side to polish, and then use the thin side to polish the nail surface.
4. Some women may have dead skin next to their nails. If so, it needs to be removed first. This way your nails will look good and healthy, so first apply nail softener on your nails. When the dead skin becomes soft, use scalp scissors to push off the soft dead skin around the nails.
5. After removing the dead skin, apply a layer of nutrient oil to moisturize and maintain the nails.
After completing the previous steps, it’s time to apply nail polish. Choose your favorite nail polish, apply a thin layer and then apply a second layer. The second layer can be applied according to your preference, so that it will be more layered and more beautiful.
6. After applying nail polish, the manicure is completed perfectly. But if you want to be more beautiful, you can set diamonds on the nails, or directly draw any pattern you like on the nails.