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How to make his hair fluffy? Tips for making his hair fluffy

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How can I make his hair fluffy?
First, after washing your hair, use a hair dryer to blow it until it is 80% dry. During the blowing process, the hair on the side is divided into layers, blowing from the bottom of the hair upward. Use your hands or a thicker comb to pick up the hair in the front. , blowing from front to back. After it is 80% dry, blow dry the top of your head. Use your fingers to hold the hair at a slight angle and blow from bottom to top until it is dry.
How to wash hair after hair extensions
If you want to wash your hair after you have connected it, you first need to keep your head up, put an appropriate amount of shampoo into your palms, rub your hands together to lather, and apply it evenly on your hair. Then apply the foam to the hair strands and follow it. Gently stroke the hair from top to bottom, then apply the conditioner evenly on the hair, wait for a few minutes, rinse the hair, and finally use a dry towel to absorb excess water and let the hair dry naturally.
Why does hair turn gray?
Hair turns white because there are pigments in human hair. The more pigments, the darker the hair looks. When a person reaches a certain age, pigment is no longer produced in the hair, so the hair gradually turns white. The pigments in hair are not produced uniformly by the human body, but are produced by each hair on its own, so the process of hair whitening does not occur at the same time.
Tips for quick-drying hair
After washing your hair, wrap it in a dry towel and then blow dry it with a hair dryer through the towel. This method allows the towel to absorb moisture from the hair while transferring the heat of the hair dryer to the hair, making the hair dry faster. When using a hair dryer, break your hair into strands to dry faster.