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What to do if makeup clogs pores How to solve clogged pores

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What to do if makeup clogs pores
1: Improper care or wrong cleansing methods will cause irregular epidermal keratinization, causing the cells to be unable to be completely discharged from the hair follicles, thus accumulating on the epidermis, resulting in enlarged pores.
2: Oily and combination skin have relatively strong sebum secretion, which is also a main reason for enlarged pores. If it is not taken care of properly, it will not only make the pores bigger and bigger, but also cause problems such as acne and frequent acne.
3: The condition of the skin will also be affected by diet. For example, eating spicy and fried foods will make the skin hot and promote the secretion of sebum, thereby clogging the pores.
How to solve clogged pores
Use a cleanser with the right pH value to wash your face. There are different types of cleansers on the market: gels or lotions, and solid blocks. Choose a facial cleanser that suits your skin type, massage gently for one to two minutes, then rinse thoroughly to remove clogged pores.
After cleansing, you can use toner or softening water to remove makeup residue and nourish the skin. Natural products such as tea tree oil and witch hazel are great because they have antiseptic and skin astringent properties.
The waste cuticles on the face must be cleaned up in time to improve the skin's permeability. Products for clearing away dead skin include masks and creams, which remove dead skin cells while stimulating cell regeneration. In addition to keeping your face clean, you should try to avoid the habit of squeezing beans with your hands. Use pore cleansing strips to remove as much residue from your pores as possible.
Use deep pore cleansing products
To solve the problem of clogged pores, you can use deep pore cleansing products, such as micro-foaming cleansers, which contain efficient surfactants (but should not stimulate the skin's oil secretion, such as soap-based products); if possible, you can add some Mixing pearl powder and other cleansers with facial cleansers will thoroughly clean the pores. In order to avoid skin damage, it is recommended to use famous brand pearl powders such as Changshengniao and Shangyao.
Get the right amount of sleep
Sleeping for too long will slow down blood circulation, retain water, cause the skin to relax, and make pores look enlarged and scary. Sleeping too short will also lead to poor skin metabolism, rough and dull skin, and enlarged pores. Generally, adults should sleep 8 to 9 hours a day. Remember not to stay up late and miss the golden time for skin repair.
Control oil secretion
Some women think that the cleaner the oil is, the better. In fact, they are completely wrong. Sebum is an essential substance for the human body. People secrete it to moisturize their skin. If there is too little oil, the skin will become dry and chapped! Therefore, normal skin must maintain a balance of oil and water. This is the reason. The skin actually needs an appropriate amount of oil. Some oil ladies wash away the oil completely, which will stimulate the sebaceous glands to accelerate the secretion of oil, so the more oily they are, the more oil they will get. The correct way to control oil is to wash off the oil and add an appropriate amount of water and oil. In this way, the oil secretion function of the skin will be gradually inhibited. With less oil secretion, shrinking pores will be a matter of course!
Don’t always squeeze the blackheads inside your pores
Frequent squeezing of blackheads in pores will make the pores larger and larger. To remove blackheads, special blackhead removal products should be used. After the blackheads are removed, shrinkage water should be used to shrink the pores.
The above is an introduction to how to deal with clogged pores due to makeup. When we find that our pores are clogged, we must use scientific methods to deal with it. We must learn to regulate our skin quality and maintain a happy mood at the same time. , you should also pay attention to the light diet in your life, which is very helpful for improving your skin.