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Beauty appreciation

How to fight eye aging and improve eye aging

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1. Start reviewing your diet first
You must know that most of the skin's nutritional intake comes from diet, so vegetables and fruits cannot be omitted from your menu. Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of antioxidants, and olive oil or butter are also rich in fatty acids, which are sources of skin nutrition.
The latest research shows that if the diet contains enough antioxidants, glucosamine, pure amino acids and minerals, existing wrinkles can be reduced by 34%!
2. Eat less salt and use more potatoes.
The Huffington Post in the United States recently shared some tips from anti-aging experts on crow’s feet: Salt is an important factor in promoting crow’s feet. Excessive salt intake can make the thin skin around the eyes prone to swelling. He recommends that people with a salty diet drink more water and drink 8 to 12 glasses of water every other day to keep their skin young.
In addition, cucumber slices are very effective in relieving puffiness around the eyes, but for people who are troubled by dark circles, potato slices would be a better choice. After freezing the potato slices, apply them around your eyes for about five minutes and you will see unexpected surprises!
3. Don’t skimp on “beauty sleep”
Don't lie to your skin, because if you lie to it, it will certainly lie to you! Of course, you must not overdraw your skin’s energy, and beauty sleep is absolutely essential. If you don't get enough sleep, not only will your skin's luster be reduced, but it will also become very dull, and dark circles will appear on your eyes.
Using this method to resist eye aging will achieve very obvious results. When resisting eye aging, give yourself appropriate eye patches. Do not stay up late often. This habit of staying up late is the most harmful to the eyes. Yes, when anti-eye aging, you can apply a little essential oil to yourself, and then give yourself a proper massage to tighten your muscles, so that you can improve eye aging.